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How Do You Look?

Duke University Libraries and the Nasher Museum of Art challenge members of the academic community to consider how they think about the visual world by asking “How do you look?”

Visual literacy is an increasingly important skill, and…


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The Visual Teaching Alliance

The "Visual Teaching Alliance" is a Texas-based State Approved CPE Provider. Five research-based

workshops, all Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented Approved for the 6-Hour Annual G/T Update,

are presented nationally by Timothy Gangwer, Founder of the "Visual Teaching Alliance" and author of "Visual

Impact, Visual Teaching: Using Images to Strengthen Learning." He has trained teachers and administrators since

1986. For…


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VAK: V Is for Visual

The VAK approach to learning assumes children prefer using sight, sound or their hands to learn. This week, Nick Griffiths explores the visual part 

Michele Obama reads to children

Michelle Obama uses visual cues to help…


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Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Picture Cards…


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Through the Looking Glass


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ADHD and Autism: Is There A Link?

Author Stephen Guffanti MD responds to the question about whether there…


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Visual Literacy


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Q&A: Tim Wright on Constructing and Deconstructing Film

Until his mid-40s, Tim Wright pretty much saw the world unaided by the interpretive lens of a camera. But while teaching social studies to seventh graders in Roxbury, it was just by happenstance that he picked up a Super 8 camera as a way to capture a project his students had created. One thing led to another and he was making films, ultimately earning film festival accolades for a documentary.

These days, the Parkside resident is more interested in analyzing media than making it. He’s the… Continue

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2011 Cine Sparks Providing Education Through Film

Cine Sparks, the International Film Festival for young people, will bring new cinematic experiences to South East Queensland schools and students this year, announced Arts Minister Rachel Nolan.

Ms Nolan said the event is a prelude to the Brisbane International Film Festival and provides children with the chance to experience and engage in the city's celebration of screen.

"Cine Sparks, 10-14 October, will showcase a mix of foreign language documentaries and feature films…


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Visual Arts Feast at 2011 Arts Alive

From fashion in the city’s many art galleries and spaces, to a very special project for Nelson Mandela, there’s a feast of visual art on offer.

A new addition to the 2011 Joburg Arts Alive International Festival this year is a partnership with SA Fashion Week. Heritage weekend, (September 23 to 25) sees the highly anticipated Winter Collection shows at Shine Studios in Braamfontein. This premier collection will be preceded by exciting art and fashion inspired collaborative… Continue

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Video Games: The Hidden Benefits Of Playing With Your Kids

Playing Video Games With Your Kids

First Posted: 8/2/11 07:27 PM ET Updated: 8/3/11 12:16 AM ET - by Katherine Bindley

If your kids have a Play Station or a Nintendo Wii, odds are at some point or another you've felt like nothing in the world could tear them away from it. That's because video games are fun. Yes, fun not only for them, but potentially for…


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Multi-Sensory and Whole Brain Learning

Learning Styles

Children are visual, physical and auditory beings.

They learn best when learning involves their senses.

The more senses involved, the better the learning.

Educators and learning theorists have indentified three different learning modalities; visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning. While children use a combination of these learning styles, they tend to favor one over others, resulting in visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners.

Left and…


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Why Are Austism Spectrum Kids Visual Learners?

It is…


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Using Pictures to Write a Story

August 1, 2011

by: Pat Hernandez

A group of kids being taught life's lessons through a camera, learn about life the hard way when their cameras are stolen.  A local company comes to the rescue with new cameras.

listen now:

Longtime Houston photographer Ben…


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