9 Best Board Games for Autistic Children

Best Board Games for Autistic Children

One in 68 children worldwide has autism, one of the development disorders with the quickest growth rate.

Since there is no medical cure for autism, the ideal therapy entails assistance and appropriate education.

Children with autism can improve their condition and get stronger social and language abilities in a suitable setting with professional assistance. 

Playing board games might comfort kids with an autism spectrum disorder(ASD).

For kids with autism, board games are a great option. Playing board games is appealing to autistic kids for a variety of reasons.

These games’ predictable rules and repeated actions encourage autistic youngsters to play them repeatedly. The players are typically not the main emphasis; instead, the board is. 

Without making eye contact, which they frequently avoid, children learn to wait for their turn and pay attention to other players’ movements.

As a result, a youngster with autism can interact with other players while maintaining some degree of comfort.

Remember that you will have to give your best to win this game as autistic children are very adept at remembering visual details, and that board games allow them to use their visual strengths.

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Board games enable the visual learning that many autistic youngsters exhibit. An autistic spectrum disorder diagnosis for a kid can be debilitating for parents (ASD).

Some children suffer from repetitive behavior and communication, while others can be overly sensitive to touch, particular sounds, or odors. 

The best board games for autistic children are listed below, and how they can help autistic children immensely. 

1. Spell-a-Puzzle

One of the best board games for autistic children is Spell-a–Puzzle. There are about 20 little words in this game, like “dog,” “cat,” “tiger,” etc.  

For instance, when you spell “tiger,” a picture of a tiger is also created. This puzzle links information’s verbal and visual components by combining words and graphics. 

When a task is completed effectively, a youngster with autism will feel extremely satisfied.

The assignment will be manageable because the terms are typically simple. The cost of this game varies from $35.00 on Amazon to $12.60 at Walmart.

After your child learns these words, you can always create your spell-a-puzzle game if they get bored. 

2. Candyland

Every year, millions purchase this, making it one of the most well-liked board games. Players must choose a card from the deck in this very simple game. 

Although the game may run into difficulties that force players to skip their turn or restart, no options are available.

With the help of this game, youngsters can learn how to control their disappointment and deal with it in public.  

  • By removing all decision-making from the game, players won’t have to worry about making a poor decision. 
  • Players may encounter obstacles and challenges that force them to move their game piece backward or even to the beginning of the game. 
  • It does an excellent job of educating about tragedies and disappointments. 
  • Perfect game for two to four players, although a single person can play it alone if they only want to enjoy moving their piece according to the color cards they draw.  

3. Ticket-to-Ride

Next on our list of best board games for autistic children is Ticket-to-Ride. It is reportedly relatively simple to learn how to play Ticket to Ride, which requires “tough strategic and tactical judgments at every step.” 

It is a board game with a railroad theme where players gather various card types to claim North American railroad routes (there are also versions with other countries). Players score more points the longer the paths are. 

At first, you may need to modify the game’s rules, but your child will play without any limitations over time. 

4. Social Skills

The National Autism Resources website suggested this game. Compared to the other games on this list of the best board games for kids with autism, this one is unique.

This collection of six aesthetically appealing games focuses on appropriate social behavior and abilities. 

Morals, manners, empathy, friendship, expressing emotions, and managing emotions are the six categories covered in the game.

After rolling the die in the game’s straightforward guidelines and questions, the player responds to the questions in that location and continues. 

Since this game incorporates verbal communication, it is especially beneficial for kids who are further advanced on the autism spectrum.

It’s a terrific game to encourage verbal and social connection while teaching kids how to express their feelings through play. 

Due to the game’s emphasis on verbal communication, it is not appropriate for autistic children who do not speak. This game costs roughly $31.00 at Walmart. 

5. Battleship

Next on our list of best board games for autistic children is Battleship. In Battleship’s strategy game, your goal is to sink your opponent’s ship fleet before they sink yours.

This game introduces players to grids and coordinates while teaching them to reason logically. A youngster with ASD will benefit from the planning and strategizing. 

  • Battleship is a fantastic strategy game that encourages players to concentrate on learning from their previous mistakes while striving to sink their opponent’s ships and using that information to create their next movements. 
  • With grids and instructions, this game is incredibly practical and demonstrates math skills and reasoning without the players even recognizing it. 
  • All players find the remembered strategy for this game to be incredibly fascinating. 
  • Players will develop their methods as they play this game more regularly and learn how to make decisions more quickly based on the results of their previous actions. 
6. Sequence for Kids

This game is another one that the website Autism Teaching Tools have chosen for our list of the best board games for kids with autism. Players use cards to make runs of four tokens in a row in this visual matching game. 

Add a unicorn card anywhere on the board to remove your opponent’s chip. Children with autism could find this first frustrating, but this game feature can be introduced gradually.

Children learn turn-taking and forward-thinking in addition to visual matching since they have to spot when their opponent is about to win and break up their sequence. 

The fact that four can be arranged in a row either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally aids the child in pattern recognition and anticipation. The cost of this game on Amazon is $14.86. 

7. Animal on Animal

This is also one of the best board games for autistic children. The dice are rolled in this game. Players must stack animals on top of one another.

After rolling the dice, players should alternately try to stack various wooden creatures on top of one another. 

  • All of the animals are robust and have strong tendencies. They are also gorgeous and incredibly fascinating because of the vividly colored paint used to paint them. 
  • This game puts a lot of effort into enhancing players’ skills. 
  • Players can practice their social skills as they discuss the system and how they will assemble their next component. 
  • It requires a lot of perseverance and preparation before the game to succeed. 
  • Because it is simple to roll the dice again and begin building monsters without suffering many harsh repercussions, even significant hurdles can rapidly change

This timeless game aims to move your marbles across the board from one corner to the other before your opponents do. Chinese Checkers can be played with 2, 4, or 6 players.

Chinese Checkers is a straightforward game that requires strategy and benefits children with ASD. Thanks to critical thought, they will learn new maneuvers every time they play. 

  • A superb game with many pieces for players to enjoy moving and gorgeously colored graphics. 
  • This game requires players to make more decisions than other comparable games, which is fantastic for keeping them engaged and connected to the decisions they are making. 
  • This simple game needs concentration on your movements and those of your opponent. 
  • Players truly want to learn new moves each time they play so that they may add them to their library. 

9. Chicken Cha Cha Cha

Last on our list of best board games for autistic children is Chicken Cha Cha Cha. Chickens are learning to dance (cha cha cha) in this game, ranked number 5 on our list of the top board games for kids with autism, by making circuits in the yard.

Playing this game is a lot of fun, and it looks fantastic. It is a memory game as well as one that involves matching colors. 

These best board games for autistic children will enable your special needs youngster to learn skills more quickly than any computer game. Why are you holding out? Bring out those old board games and give your kids hours of entertainment and education. 

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