The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program for Treating Adult Dyslexia

The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program (LIPS) is a popular method used to treat dyslexia in adults. As the name implies, this program uses phoneme (the smallest segmental unit of sound used to form meaningful contrasts between utterances) awareness to make dyslexia patients learn how to read effectively.

Weak Phoneme Awareness

According to the LIPS program, the primary reason why dyslexia patients cannot decode and spell words is because of difficulty in judging and identifying the sound sequence and number found within words. As per LIPS, this difficulty is called 'weak phoneme awareness'.

Thus, a dyslexia patient essentially is unable to process phonological data. This inability is the reason why adults as well as children who suffer from dyslexia have a tendency to add, omit, or reverse sounds and letters within words while reading.

In other words, a dyslexic person has difficulty reading because he is not able to judge whether what they see on paper matches what they are about to say. Because of such judgemental errors, a dyslexic person cannot correct and detect errors in reading, spelling, or speech. Many times, non dyslexic people who try and learn a second language face the same difficulty.

The Remedy

As mentioned above, a phoneme is the smallest segmental unit of sound employed to form meaningful contrasts between utterances. The LIPS program aims to build up phoneme awareness to treat dyslexia. As part of the program, a dyslexic person is trained in figuring out the different mouth actions and the real speech sounds they produce. Once trained, a dyslexic person is able to verify these sounds and know their order within words, automatically. After becoming well versed in this skill, it can be applied automatically to correct yourself when reading, writing, or speaking.

Usually, the treatment for dyslexia through this program lasts anything from four weeks to several months depending on your own commitment and intensity. You can easily go up several grades on your decoding ability within four-six weeks. A highly intense program, for instance, will require about four hours of therapy in a day.

There are specific centers called the Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Centers where you can go to receive treatment under this program. These centers are present in over 15 states throughout the United States, and provide you with access to program materials such as a manual, presentations, outlines and sample dialogs. Additional support products include training videos, practice CDs, testing kits, etc.

- September 03, 2009 by Keenan Cunningham

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