Exhibit blends personal, professional photography
Through layered photographic images, the “Greater Than The Sum” project explores themes of past and present, personal and professional, and the operational dynamic of an artist collective.

Luceo Images - a cooperative of young photographers - opens a one-night exhibit of the work at the 25CPW gallery in New York on Friday, January 13.

“We are each pieces that weave together to run our organization, and this collaborative nature is what stands at our foundation,” says Luceo’s David Walter Banks. “Just as the show ties our work together, and our photographers together with each other, the historic images tie us with our past.”

The exhibit displays a blend of professional assignments, personal work and family snapshots in a continuous 163-foot print.

On the night of the show, they’re asking audience members to hand-cut 24×24-inch sections that are being sold in advance. Limited catalogue editions can also be purchased.

The six photographers under the Luceo banner - Kendrick Brinson, Matt Slaby, Daryl Peveto, Matt Eich, David Walter Banks and Kevin German - came together in 2007 in response to changes in the photo industry.

They frequently work as an ensemble, and all of them are featured in the exhibit. The intertwined and re-imagined photographs seek to expose some of what they have come to realize about their work and their business.

Each member of Luceo contributes a percentage of their editorial and commercial commissions toward a collective fund, used to support long-term personal projects that may not be feasible without this approach.

“Through these times of change, the still image continues to be relevant,” their website says. “We believe that history extends beyond the news cycle, and that ordinary people and personal struggle are avenues through which we can explore the bigger issues facing our world.”

– Matthew Rond, CNN

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