Please complete this questionnaire to find out how your brain works! Answer "Yes" or "No" to the following questions ("Sometimes" = "Yes").

1. Do you think mainly in pictures instead of words? _____

2. Are you good at solving puzzles or mazes? _____

3. Do you like to construct things with your hands? _____

4. Do you often lose track of time? _____

5. Do you know things without being able to tell how or why? _____

6. Do you remember how to get to places visited only once? _____

7. Can you feel what others are feeling? _____

8. Do you remember what is seen and forget what is heard? _____

9. Do you solve problems in unusual ways? _____

10. Do you have a wild imagination? _____

11. Do you love music, dance, art or drama? _____

12. Can you see things in the mind’s eye from different perspectives? _____

13. Do others think you are organized? _____

14. Do you love playing on the computer? _____

15. Do you have trouble spelling words correctly? _____

16. Do you like taking things apart to see how they work? _____

If you answered yes to at least nine of the above questions, then according to this questionnaire, you are most likely a visual-spatial learner!

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