Visual imagery can play a powerful role in accelerating human learning. Complex verbal explanations can often be simplified through visual support – now made more accessible through new technologies. And organised learners use a range of low-tech techniques to make sure that their notes are well-ordered and easy to navigate. These include colour coding, post-it notes, highlighters, etc, to help categorise, prioritise and make the work user-friendly. Many of our students also use a range of diagrams and Mind Maps to give easily accessible visual reminders of what they’ve researched or learned. Used efficiently and regularly, these devices can display large amounts of information very economically and help students to:

- recall detail and make connections
- remember facts (when they have a visual connection)
- clarify thoughts and ideas
- identify relationships/connections between topics, concepts or characters
- understand abstract ideas
- focus and think logically
- connect new knowledge with prior learning.

- Joan Hardy
Head of drama and G&T coordinator at Belper School, Derbyshire

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