Helping Gifted Kids Study

Because gifted kids are smarter than their peers, many people do not realize they still must work to learn. While they have exceptional intelligence, they do not just automatically know things - these kids must study too! Parents can assist their gifted kids in learning healthy study habits at an early age. This will help them cruise through primary school and onto higher education with the ability to be extra productive. Here are study tips to work on with your gifted kids:

Time management

Just about everyone struggles with timing - especially kids whose minds are always on the go. Gifted kids can be easily distracted, so it is especially important to help them plan out studying for a big test or working on a complex project during several months or weeks. Gifted kids may feel like they need not study or spend much time on homework because of their intellect. However, slapping together a project the night before it is due can lead to bad grades even though the student is smart. Make sure your gifted children know about crucial school assignments and tests well in advance. Have them keep planners to write this important information down. Then, work out a schedule to prepare, so it is not a last-minute undertaking to get ready or complete the project.

Talk priorities

When adequately stimulated in school, gifted kids will be overwhelmed sometimes. Just like other students, learning new things can be stressful. However, a healthy amount of worry about schoolwork is a good thing! It means your children are being challenged. While struggling to keep up, your gifted kids may become upset and even stop working because they do not know what to do next. Help them prioritize their work based on what is due soon and what requires extra attention. Understanding how to navigate multiple assignments at once is a great skill that will carry over into your kids' postsecondary studies and work lives.

Get visual

Most students have a preference for learning style. Some like hands-on activities, like learning about chemical reactions through doing science experiments in a lab. Others prefer to read about a subject and can remember necessary information. One approach that many kids appreciate is visual learning. For studying, your gifted kids may benefit from a visual medium. They can make pie charts, bar graphs and even presentations to process what they are learning and better remember it all. Making these visual aids serves as hands-on learning, and can further solidify the memory process.

Remember, gifted students are often perfectionists, and studying can be a means to earning that excellent grade. Make sure your children are preparing for future tests and projects but not with such vigor they forget to be kids. While their intelligence levels are high, they are still kids and require emotional growth and learning outside of the classroom.

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