“High Tech High” Program at Ben Lomond High School
One of the best ways for a student to learn is through real life application. Coming in 2012, technology at Ben Lomond High School will bridge core curriculum to the real life application students need. This year, BLHS received a $1 million technology grant to bring every classroom up to the 21stcentury while preparing students with college ready skills. Both teachers and students will have access to the latest technological advancements within the learning environment.
 Technology has been made more accessible throughout Ben Lomond High. There are two computer labs in the media center in addition to one classroom computer lab in each of the four wings of the school. Students will be able to utilize these labs for activities such as research, filmmaking and essays. Each classroom is equipped with Interwrite Boards, document cameras and sound systems. Each classroom also has access to student responders. Some classrooms have both an Interwrite Board and a Mobi.
“High Tech High” at Ben Lomond High School compliments the school’s nationally recognized Smaller Learning Communities. In these interest-based communities, students are given exposure to a particular career area such as Arts and Medical, Human Services and Business as well as Technical and Science.
Students in many Smaller Learning Communities throughout the school will be learning filmmaking as well as core curriculum. “This will reinforce the initial material they are learning and make subjects more exciting. Students will be able to become involved and engaged in a project, making a critical connection with the subject,” said Ben Smith, BLHS principal. The school has eight classroom sets of small video cameras as well as tripods.
One-third of the teachers are being trained in filmmaking while using techniques in the core curriculum. As this cohort of teachers learns filmmaking teaching techniques through a program called Spyhop, each will receive the teaching technology endorsement.
Another way in which students will be able to explore their interests while meeting core standards will be through a broadcasting class. From a professional news desk, broadcasting students will be able to make school wide announcements and cover current events which their peers will watch on classroom televisions. This class will prepare students for the 21st century by instilling strong communication and presentation skills.
Interwrite Board – This is a great tool to increase interaction in the classroom as well as creating visual teaching displays. It is a large electronic white board, capable of displaying images such as internet sites, diagrams and assignments from a teacher’s computer. Teachers and students can use an electronic pen to write on the board.
Document Camera – This device streams live video of a small object or document onto the Interwrite Board, so the entire class can see.
Student Responders – These hand-held devices are used by each student in a classroom. The teacher has a controller from which they can ask students questions requiring multiple choice and open answers. This gives teachers an opportunity to immediately measure student understanding of a concept.
Mobi– This is a hand-held device on which teachers can change images, write and erase items on an Interwrite Board while remaining mobile in the classroom.

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