How you can Digest Information Better So You’re Able To Become Great at Understanding New Concepts

January 13th, 2012 pmamediagroup

Every person learns differently, some know about this however some individuals have no clue that there are different learning styles. Neil Fleming, an accomplished teacher has identified three different learning styles that is called the VAK model, an acronym for visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Almost everyone has a variety of these styles but visual is easily the most common and kinesthetic isn’t really common.

About 65% of the human population have dominantly visual learning styles. They are great at collecting information with their eyes. They like videos, graphics and also other visual images because they find them much easier to understand and retain. There are various things a visual learner could do to take control of their learning style and start learning and studying more efficiently. While you are learning something totally new, try closing your eyes and visualizing the new thing. During classes, avoid other visual distractions and make pictures (not doodles) when you take notes. Visual learners often use visual cues while studying something, this really is very useful when taking a test. As an illustration, experts agree it is found out that women of all ages makeup a smaller section of visual learners. They look at auditory methods to peak their interest. If a person explained to a girl thatscholarships for women in business had been available, it’d most definitely peak her auditory curiosity.

Auditory learners make up about 30% of the population. Somebody who is a visual learner uses their ears when talking or hearing to absorb information and new bits of knowledge. Somebody who is an auditory learner generally prefers background music while studying to block out any other noises. Auditory learners could study better and become a better student when they record class lectures and listen to them again, rather than taking notes. Asking questions and getting involved in class discussions will help auditory learners to easily retain the information they are learning.

The last model of learning and least common is called kinesthetic. Approximately 5% of the population learn kinesthetically, which involves physical activities. These people are typically called doers because they prefer to interact with the material instead of sitting down and listening to a lecture. Kinesthetic learners usually get better grades in sports and physical eduction, chemistry, art and acting. They have high hand-eye coordination and will usually move around to understand things better.

Almost everyone has a blend of the three learning styles. Presenters and teachers need to comprehend this to enable them to effectively teach their audience. It is essential that college students recognize their preferred method of learning so that they can study better and get better grades on tests.

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