There’s something sort of magical about a set of statistics being turned into a beautiful image – an infographic, that is. With an infographic, in one glance an individual can gauge the meaning and significance of a complex piece of information.

According to the Visual Teaching Alliance, 65 percent of the population are visual learners. This majority is best suited to remember details and ideas in picture form. We’re a motley crew, I tell ya. It’s no surprise that studies have found visual aids in the classroom improve learning up to 400 percent.   But visuals aren’t just for grade schoolers, as adults that 65% will still absorb more when visuals are included, even in the business world.

Which is why we thought we’d provide a little infographic inspiration. Here below are five examples of compelling infographics from a variety of subject matters to show you how imagery can be used to clarify data. (Click to enlarge)


The True Size of Africa

What Kind of Pasta is on Your Plate?

The X-Men Family Tree


Population of the Dead


On Currency: The Latte Exchange


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