Picture Analysis

Using the following questions, facilitate a discussion about how artists communicate ideas and feelings with techniques such as symbols, color, contrast, placement (composition), and point of view.

How does this picture make me feel? What techniques does the artist use to make me feel that way?

If I entered the picture, where would I enter from (point of view)? Does the artist's point of view match the author's point of view?

What is placed in the foreground (near the viewer)? In the background (away from the viewer)? Why? How can I tell?

Where are the brightest colors? Darkest colors? Areas of greatest contrast?

What is the center of attention? How does the artist show the center of attention?

What is the smallest detail that says the most? (Hint)

How are color, texture, size, line, and shape used?

Is there an observable or repeated pattern? If there is, why?

Is there a constant theme, object, or idea running through the pictures? If there is, why?

What main idea does the picture express? How do I know?

What words can I use (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs) to describe the way the artist designed the picture and to describe what is in the picture?

What symbols are used in the picture? Why did the artist use the symbol(s) for this story?

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