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Visual Learning and Mind Mapping

Visual Learning and Mind Mapping

A great many children are doing poorly in school these days because they do know how to learn. These children learn visually that this they learn from pictures rather than verbally from sounds or from the written word. Unfortunately most schools still rely heavily upon written texts and verbal instruction, leaving such…

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Color In Motion

An Animated and Interactive Experience of Color Communication and Color Symbolism



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Patricia Hawke

At the Florida Education and technology conference in Orlando, Florida, they were putting a huge emphasis on Visual Learning and the benefits that accompany their theory. Miami Schools have already adopted this approach and are beginning to utilize this concept in their schools to help their students to succeed in school. Because of this new generation of students, more motivation is needed or students to have the…


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Learning Through Mere Exposure: Improving Visual Perception and Attention Without Training

ScienceDaily (May 11, 2011) — In cooperation with colleagues from the Leibniz Institute for Employment Research of the TU Dortmund, neuroscientists in Bochum have demonstrated that human visual perception and attention can be improved without training. In Current Biology they report that the sense of vision can be lastingly changed by merely exposing subjects to visual stimuli for a short period of time. Thereby the frequency of the stimulus presentation…


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Interactive Whiteboards Brings Visual Learning to Life

It can be difficult to find ways to inspire children and bring learning to life but using a visual approach can often bring many benefits to the learning process. If a teacher is continually droning on it is easy for pupils to lose focus and perhaps start to daydream. Similarly, they are continually reading from books, it can often be difficult for children to maintain their focus and…


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High Tech High

“High Tech High” Program at Ben Lomond High School
One of the best ways for a student to learn is through real life application. Coming in 2012, technology at Ben Lomond High School will bridge core curriculum to the real life application students need. This year, BLHS received a $1 million technology grant to bring every classroom up to the 21stcentury while preparing students with college ready skills.…

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Visual Memory


Visual memory is sometimes associated with photographic memory, or more accurately eidetic memory. Some people have the ability to study an image and when the image is taken away, they can describe it with vivid accuracy as if it were still there in view. People who can do this have true eidetic memory. The ability to display visual or eidetic memory is seen far more frequently in children than in adults for whom the ability seems to fade away in most,…


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Visual Illusion



1.- Open the link above 

2.- Then "click me…


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