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Teaching Math to a Visual Learner

My youngest son wasn’t that old before I recognized that he gathered knowledge very differently than my older son. For one thing, he was glued to the television whenever it was on. It didn’t even seem to matter what show was playing, he would be watching. I will never forget walking into the living room one day when he was about six months old and seeing him staring up from his walker transfixed by a report Mike Wallace was doing on 60 Minutes. That was the minute I knew my little guy had a…


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Visual Distractibility and Auditory Processing Disorders

We often see parents shaking their heads - how is it that it's both auditory and visual processing? But it's not some odd luck, the visual and auditory systems are tightly coupled, and each makes up for the other when some problem arises.

We shouldn't think of the brain having "deficits" - because reorganization is the rule rather than the exception, and generally loss in one domain, leads to compensatory changes in the other. Auditory processing problems are accompanied by…


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Analogy as the Core of Cognition

Douglas Hofstadter has an interesting discussion in a Presidential lecture at Stanford. Skip the introductions and start at 13 minutes 30 seconds to listen to Hofstadter.

Hofstadter believes that analogy making is at the core of all cognition, and what is especially interesting is how frequently analogies seem to…


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Writing for Visual Thinkers


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Boys Think in Pictures, Girls Think in Words


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