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Video Making in Learning

Dynamic Learning throughout the School Year: Fitting It In and Finding the Value

You might ask how an educator can fit video making into their curriculum. My method was to use the short Thanksgiving week and the last week of school before the Winter break, as both of these weeks are filled with miscellaneous projects. I have also used parents as helpers, by taking filming into a quiet hall. This allows me to move on with what I had planned for the day, without…


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How the Mind's Eye Works


In a first-ever demonstration, UCLA School of Medicine and Caltech researchers have shed new light on how the "mind's eye" works, uncovering evidence that single neurons -- individual cells in the brain -- are involved in recalling specific visual images to mind.…


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Cell Phones in the Classroom: Is It Time to Reconsider Your Policy?

My class had just finished covering three chalkboards with a rather dazzling array of concept clusters, illustrations, and links among disparate ideas. Clearly, a lot of learning had been generated. As I picked up the eraser to clear the board, I mentioned it was too bad that Chelsea and Eric (who were absent) had missed this vibrant discussion.

“Well if you promise not to bust me, Dr. E, I could take a picture of all this and send it to them,” offered Claire. She pointed at the…


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Visual memory

Visual memory

Visual memory is part of memory preserving some characteristics of our senses pertaining to visual experience. We are able to place in memory information that resembles objects, places, animals or people in sort of a mental image. Some authors refer to this experience as an "our mind's eye" through which we can retrieve from our memory a mental image of the original object, place, animal or person. The first person to give…


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Visual Perception

Visual perception is one of the senses of the body which allows the brain to intercept and interpret visible light, creating the ability to see. Sight is regarded as a critical sense by many people, as the world contains a great deal of important visual information. Many organisms have developed some form of visual perception, and there are a number of different…


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Cell Phones in Class


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