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How to Use Flickr in Your Classroom




I love photography. It wasn’t until I started doing Project 365 as a new year’s resolution that I really started to be so intrigued with it. Often times, I find myself pretending I’m some professional placing things or…


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iPads Help Salem County Students Learn

Third-grade students at the Upper Pittsgrove School mastered fractions in Mrs. Markert class Friday afternoon not by memorization or flash cards, but with Apple iPads.

School districts throughout Salem County have now entered the age of technology using the touch sensitive innovative device as a learning tool for students.

Superintendents say they are attracted to the devices for two reasons: It’s user friendly and inexpensive compared to other technology like… Continue

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Important Quotes about Visual Literacy, Visual Thinking, & Visual Teaching

The ability to look at visual information with perception. A visually literate person understands how visual elements contribute to the meaning of the whole. 

–PBS Media Literacy Glossary (www.pbs.org/weta/myjourneyhome/teachers/glossary.html

The ability to recognize and understand ideas conveyed through visible actions or images (as pictures) 

–Merriam Webster Online 

“Visual literacy…


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Kindergartners to Receive iPAD2 Computers

Auburn kindergartners to get computers

The city of Auburn will be giving iPad2 computers to each kindergartner this fall.

The city's School Committee approved the plan Wednesday. Former Governor Angus King, who attended the school meeting, says Auburn could be the first municipality in the state to give computers to all students in a single grade. The Auburn School Superintendent says he's expecting 285 kindergarten students this fall, which will translate to an expected…


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Cell Phones in the Classroom: 21st Century Learning

Guest blogger Marie Bjerede is Vice President of Wireless Education Technology at Qualcomm, Inc., where she focuses on addressing the technical, economic, social, and systemic challenges to enabling every student to gain the advantages afforded those who have 24/7 mobile broadband access.

In most schools, cell phones are checked at the door -- or at best powered off during school hours in a tacit "don't ask, don't tell" understanding between students and administrators. This…


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How to Design Visual Materials

How to Design Visual Materials

How to Design Visual Materialsthumbnail Use color when designing visual… Continue

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Helping Your Child Overcome Dyslexia

Improving Visual Discrimination of Words


Recall that the first element of word reading is “seeing the word correctly” (i.e., seeing the letters in the correct sequence). Even starting with short words (cat) a reader’s brain has the ability to rearrange the letters in a different order (t–a–c, a–c–t). In this particular case, it so happens that all three of these combinations yield what sound like words…


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