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Arts Integration in School

Many schools are overlooking the arts in education, to the detriment of children, discover why arts integration in school is so important...

Art education has become less important with the latest advancement in the technology sector. People have started to pay more attention to gadgets and tools than the arts. While schools are seeming to put arts on the back-burner to focus on other activities, this particular subject has immense importance when it comes to developing productive skills in kids. Playing with colours and drawing interesting pictures has always been the favourite activity of children studying in different educational institutions. It helps them give meaning to their hidden talent.

Arts Integration in School: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

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In this article, Sandra Larson explores the then most important reasons emphasising the inevitable importance of arts integration in schools.

Creativeness: You can’t imagine a child to become creative without having art skills. Although art may look like a dull activity, yet it has no parallel when it comes to becoming more creative. This particular branch of study helps children in expressing themselves more than other subjects such as science and math. Art is considered to be a great source of improving thinking creativity in kids of all ages. Therefore, creativity is a significant reason why arts education should be emphasised in schools.

Attention to Detail: Arts integration in school is also important because it helps kids develop attention to detail. They focus on each and every step while drawing something on a paper. Things like acting, singing, and painting improve focus. They start to pay attention from an early age, which is imperative for a successful didactic career. This is a key skill that helps kids succeed in their educational, personal, and professional lives.

Decision Making: Kids having an interest in arts strengthen critical thinking and problem-solving skills. You can imagine a student deciding to express their feelings in a particular character. They learn a lot about decision making while drawing paintings and performing the dance at the stage. Studies have shown that arts play a vital role in reinforcing the decision making process. It becomes easier for students to opt for the best option from given choices. That’s the reason why arts integration in schools is imperative.

Arts Integration in School: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

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Manual Dexterity: One of the core benefits of arts education is the development of fine motor skills. Kids just love playing with instruments. That’s the reason they like holding a paintbrush and scrawling with crayons.

Arts Integration in School: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

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Due to the lack of motor skills, many students don’t have the potential to write an assignment in a flawless way. That’s why you’ll often see a student saying “I need someone to write my essay for me“. Productive activities that cater to motor skills include painting, colouring, cutting, beading, drawing, writing, erasing, and tracing. These are the skills that require small muscle movements of hand, fingers, and wrist. These abilities help kids perform tasks of buttoning, writing, and zippering.

Self-confidence: Practicing artistic activities boost the self-confidence of students of all levels. According to research, students participating in different art activities are more confident than others. Singing and acting performances on stage help kids in feeling confident even in front of the audience. Appreciation from mentors and spectators also aid in improving the confidence level.

Educational Performance: Art isn’t just great for developing creative skills, but it plays an important role in helping your child gain manifold academic achievements. He begins to perform well in all subjects and extracurricular activities. Today, kids have started paying more attention to technological gadgets such as mobiles, tablets, and computers. They seldom take part in physical activities. Arts pave their way to perform better in study-related activities.

Visual Learning: Painting, sculpting, and drawing are considered to be great to develop visual learning I young kids. Researchers have highlighted the impact of the arts. Therefore, children shouldn’t be confined to text and numbers. Painting and drawingthings on a paper helps them learn a lot about this world.

Arts Integration in School: 10 Reasons Why It’s Important

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Teamwork: Children sit together and collaborate on drawing projects while attending art classes at school. It provides them with an opportunity to cooperate, share stuff, and create impressive paintings together. Kids start to understand the sense of responsibility and share hands with other classmates to achieve common goals.

Challenges: There can be more than a few challenging situations while creating art. Young kids learn to tackle such challenges and devise strategies to solve the problem. Life is full of trials and tribulations. Arts play its part to prepare students for the upcoming challenges.

Persistence: Determination and consistency can help you achieve anything in life. Although many other subjects play their role in this regard, yet arts has an exclusive to develop persistence in students of all levels.

Arts used to have a big share in the academic field. Students who studied arts developed some of the most productive skills to perform better in their lives. Unfortunately, modern educational institutions are not paying any attention to this deprived subject. However, arts integration in schools can revive the golden learning era and improve students’ lives for the better.

Sandra Larson has vast experience in arts. She is a blogger who likes to share knowledge about the importance of arts education. Her aim is to let the world know about the innumerable benefits of this particular subject.

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