Creativity embraces innovation

As it is well said: “Creativity is the currency of 21st Century”. The 21st Century demand requires students to live and work in rapidly changing technological society. Creativity is the skill to see new prospects, to produce unique ideas, to flexibly acclimate to changing situations, and to apply one’s imagination to solve intricate problems. Creativity processes and people always join together and come up with innovative solutions to their problems. In the modern world, every organization or individual is striving to achieve profit which is only possible through creativity. Intrinsically, creativity is key to success through engaging in divergent thinking.

Education helps students to develop visual learning, learning to perceive and respond to the visual world with increased and discriminating judgement. The cognitive predictors believe that creative achievement is not only intelligence but also to think critically. Learning is the key element which children can gain through substantial understanding of others and themselves through study of art and artists of different cultures and historical periods. They learn to view art as a reflection of believes, cultural ideas, social conditions, develop thinking, verbal skills through discussions and art expressions in which life and art are compared and contrasted. Art education today is well connected to every communicating medium.

As a forerunner of educational institute, I simply believe in adapting a teaching methodology, which comprehensively focus on both creative and critical thinking to enable child to become self-governing, self-confident and contributing member of the society.

In modern world, creativity is the tool which is going to increase employee opportunities and engagements. An organization that embraces creativity will automatically welcome innovation and that will find the ways to be succeeded. Creativity promotes well-being and happiness in child. When a child expresses his/ her creativity, develops analytical and problem solving skills, adapt change, ultimately become holistic individual with healthy brain and ready to led a prosperous country.

— Walid Mushtaq

CEO, Roots International Schools and Colleges

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