June 2011 Blog Posts (11)

Why Core Standards Must Embrace Media and Digital Literacies

By Richard Beach & Frank W. Baker 


Today’s young people are growing up in a world full of smartphones, texting, YouTube, Internet access, and instant entertainment and information. But while they may be media-savvy, we maintain that they are not necessarily media- or digital-literate.


Multiple studies have shown that many young people lack the media and information-literacy skills they…


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What Are Fraction Strips?

What Are Fraction Strips?

updated June 18, 2011


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International Visual Literacy Conference


 Stockton to Host Prestigious International Visual Literacy Association Conference Sept. 28 – Oct.2 

IVLA, Dedicated to Research, Study and Publication of Visual Literacy, 

to Hear Keynote Speech by Stockton Professor Wendel White 

For Immediate Release 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 

Contact: Tim Kelly 

Office of Public Relations 

Galloway Township, NJ…


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Visual vs. Visual Literacy? No Contest


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Visual Literacy – Play with Images at Iaza

A regular The Book Chook reader commented a…


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Types of Space in Visual Literacy

A road sign is an example of communication through visual literacy.


Everything you see can be classified by its positive and negative space. Visual literacy is the study of how those spaces interact and form a visual language. The interplay of positive and negative space is essential to diverse fields such as fine art, commercial media and …


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Film Center Celebrates a Creative 10 Years

Top Photo
The Media Arts Lab's recording studio at the Jacob Burns Film Center has facilitated the teaching of courses in filmmaking and visual literacy to more than 65,000 students.…

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Activities That Work Best for Visual Learners

May 20, 2011

Activities That Work Best for Visual Learnersthumbnail A highlighter is a simple tool used by visual learners.

People learn most effectively in different ways. While left-brained thinkers are analytical and respond well to audio instruction, right-brained thinkers are more creative and respond best to visual elements. At least one-third…


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Improving Visual Perception and Attention Without Training

ScienceDaily (May 11, 2011) — In cooperation with colleagues from the Leibniz Institute for Employment Research of the TU Dortmund, neuroscientists in Bochum have demonstrated that human visual perception and attention can be improved without training. In Current Biology they report that the sense of vision can be lastingly changed by merely exposing subjects to visual stimuli for a short period of time. Thereby the frequency of the stimulus presentation…


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